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Child Support

1000 Raised 1 Donors 50000 Goal

TKF is supporting children belonging to most back ward communities by providing necessary school ite


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Volunteer Registration

We encourage individuals to participate to work as a volunteer to help under privileged through TKF. Those who want to help and do the needful, can register as a volunteer and participate in the events.

Donate clothes, toys and books

Your unwanted items could transform the lives of millions of children and young people living in poverty. So please have a good clear out and donate your unwanted items to The Kanchan Foundation


The Kanchan Foundation supports different causes and We collect donation around the country and world to help the needful.

Help Family

If you know of certain families who require some support you can identify them. If you can think you won't be able to work yourself ,The Kanchan Foundation will help you get support

Events - Blood Donation, Women Empowerment

The Kanchan Foundation is active since 2010. TKF is organizing different events to support Underprivileged and providing girl's education.