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Each one of us plays their role in the society. We have the capacity to do something over and above our role which can be undertaken provided we are motivated and guided. We, at TKF welcome you with open arms and encourage you to contribute, participate and make a difference in the society in and around you. Join TKF, an NGO in Mumbai, who wishes to join hands with you for working towards a better tomorrow through online volunteering and other such initiatives.

TKF NGO in Mumbai

The Kanchan Foundation (TKF) is an NGO in Mumbai which endeavors to bring about change in the lives of underprivileged members of our society though conscientious efforts and committed initiatives. TKF wishes to involve each one of us by guiding and encouraging us to work towards the betterment of the underprivileged members. TKF seeks more volunteers and companies who wish to realize their CSR while providing them access to the needy people and families as well.


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Child Support

$1000 Raised 1 Donors ₹2800 Goal

TKF is supporting children belonging to most back ward communities by providing necessary school ite

Our Dream as a Non Profit

Join NGO and feel the difference that you and your efforts can make in somebody’s life. Your efforts could give a roof to the homeless, feed the hungry and educate an illiterate. To sum it up all, your support and effort to these outstretched hands would give them a new lease of life.

We, at TKF, wish volunteers in large numbers join us and help us realize our dreams of making each underprivileged individual to live for the better tomorrow and give them a new ray of hope for lightness follows the darkness.

Volunteer Registration

We encourage individuals to participate to work as a volunteer to help under privileged through TKF. Those who want to help and do the needful, can register as a volunteer and participate in the events.


We support different causes to help Girls Education, Child support and Women Empowerment.


The Kanchan Foundation supports different causes and We collect donation around the country and world to help the needful.


The Kanchan Foundation organize many events to help under privileged girls and women. Currently We have events like Khichdi Ghar, Old clothes donation and Old books donation.

Events - Blood Donation, Women Empowerment

The Kanchan Foundation is active since 2010. TKF is organizing different events to support Underprivileged and providing girl's education.