HIV Aids and Young India – Role of NGOs and Volunteers

From the year 1986, when the first case of HIV/AIDS was detected in the state of Tamil Nadu, today, the disease has spread to almost 6 million Indians across the country. With children being most potential targets of contracting the disease through their HIV positive mothers who themselves are unaware of contracting the disease.

With almost more than 50,000 thousand children being born to HIV positive mothers, out of which almost 30% are likely to get infected when they are in the mother’s womb or during labour or when breast fed after six months.

In order to prevent the transmission of the AIDS virus to the newborn, a simple anti-retroviral drug administered to the mother during labour and a spoonful of the syrup to the baby as soon as he or she is born. This treatment is not within the reach of the women and children who require it. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that more than 220,000 children infected by HIV/AIDS due to lack of awareness of the disease as well as its available treatment.

Young People in India are contracting this disease on account of their physical relationship with sex workers, homosexuals and drug addicts who use injections for taking drugs.  With India being highly populated country, there are almost 200 million young people residing in high risk areas who are soft targets to contract the HIV infection.  There are two groups viz. one below 25 years and the other group is between the 15 – 24 years age group who are potentially likely to contract HIV. The need of the hour is to educate them on protection against HIV and encourage them to adopt safe sex practices.

TKF in a Mumbai based NGO which supports different health care programs. NGOs can chip in by training volunteers who can educate people on HIV/AIDs and its awareness across the society. At the same time, NGOs can encourage doctors to volunteer a couple of hours and render free medical services to HIV/AIDs infected people and improve the scenario of high risk communities. Volunteer in India, join TKF.

The need of the hour is prevent the transmission of HIV virus and create awareness about HIV/AIDS across the society.  The Government of India is taking all possible steps to prevent HIV at the primary level, through parents and Protection, care and support for affected children apart from rendering HIV/AIDS treatment to infected children.  At the same time The Government of India advocates safe blood transfusion and encourage awareness programmes for potential high risk communities across the country

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