Causes of Homelessness

India is in the 64th year of independence but we still have 13million people homeless in their own country…….According to reports in the media, in 2002 the Delhi police found 3,040 corpses during the winter. Of these, no fewer than 400 were those of people who died in a single cold wave. Why??? This is because these people were living on the streets of Delhi and were HOMELESS.

There is not one cause for this problem but like many other chronic matters this also has many causes. The main being poverty and natural disasters. The poverty in rural India makes many leave their homes in the villages to give it a try in the big cities. Most of these migrants get lost in city life and land up on the roads. This increases the crime rate in the country thus threatening the law and order situation.

The government should reach out with more benefits and facilities in rural places to stop this migration to the cities. In cases of natural disasters we should act swiftly with the help of government and the NGO’s to get the affected back on their feet. If you want to support the needy do so by Joining NGO, today.

The other cause of homelessness are in cases where there is a financial loss in business, sudden death of the earning member of a family or prolonged illness which requires expensive medical treatment. These unfortunate cases happen all over the world. TKF supports such causes by involving volunteers and NGOs. If you want to volunteer in India, join TKF now. If you want to know more about various NGO Projects in India supported by TKF, please contact us today!

The western world tackles this problem through social security allowance which is a minimum amount given to such people to help them get over the difficult period. This would certainly not work in a country like India with a large population but by building low cost housing schemes and generating job opportunities the problem of homelessness can be dealt with to a certain degree.

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