Poverty in India: The Recent Scenario

Despite the booming Indian economy, a large majority of Indian population survives on fifty cents a day. Poverty is an engulfing issue. Rural Indians rely on erratic agricultural incomes, while the urban population depends on jobs; that are scarce. Over recent times the situation has worsened, with highest suicide rates on the globe, committed by the Indian farmers because of foreclosures.

According to a latest survey, over 37% of 1.35 billion Indian populations continue to live below the poverty line. More than 22% of the total rural population and 15% of the urban population survive in difficult financial tight spot. As responsible Indians we must spread awareness about this and other such issues by Volunteering.

The distribution of wealth and resources across the country creates a phenomenal disparity ratio. For instance, the state of Delhi has a low poverty ratio. Meanwhile, in the states of Bihar and Orissa, nearly half the population lives below the poverty line.

Unpredictable agricultural economy in rural India; compels a phenomenal amount of rural families to migrate to large cities. The urban areas incompetent to meet the growing demands of the exploding population, often pave way for poor living standards.

Since 1970s, the Indian government has obtained some success with anti-poverty programs like Jawahar Rozgar Yojana, Rural Youth for Self Employment (TRYSEM) and Integrated Rural Development Program, where the government seeks to increase the GDP through introduction of new industrial policies, providing training to unemployed and employed youths and offering financial assistance to people for launching small- scale businesses.

The bottom-line is that Indian government must create more employment opportunities both in the rural and urban India to improve the living conditions. The Kanchan Foundation as an NGO based in Mumbai, enables you to connect with needy people by providing  an online volunteering platform. Join our NGO to know more!

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