NGO or non-governmental projects are those projects that belong neither to the private sector nor the government sector. NGO companies are those that bring about certain social service goals for the betterment of society. They cater to the lowest strata of society, often serving the needs of the most poor and underdeveloped parts of nations.

The educational effort at The Kanchan Foundation endeavors to achieve the rare accomplishment of independence for those who are left out of the mainstream. TKF has tie-ups with other local bodies, NGOs and institutions that provide relief work and funds to the less privileged.

TKF tries to bring about education and awareness on current issues, vocational training and adult and child education. NGO projects in India by TKF bring about the said changes to enable poor Indians to benefit and lead better lives. At TKF, education is brought about by the alliance with NGOs serving through education, by alliance with corporate and individuals for scholarships and alliance with education institutions.

Health Care and Community Living NGO Projects India

NGO projects in India by The Kanchan Foundation seek to provide health care and basic health facilities for the thousands of people who don’t have access to doctors, medicines and hospitals. Health, in a third world country, is the prerequisite only of the affluent. You can help to change this trend by providing health services to the billions of people who are denied medication, doctors and proper hospitals.

These NGO projects seek to educate women and children on basic sanitation issues, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, family planning, medicals camps, and issues to make the less fortunate aware of how they can gain access to medicines, doctors and hospitals.

The Kanchan Foundation is trying their level best to alleviate poverty and improve the standard of life in remote villages, slums and the cities of India. Poverty is ubiquitous in India and its effects are felt all over. If you want to volunteer in India, Join TKF today.

NGO project in India by The Kanchan Foundation aids the less privileged to live in developed communities where they can find better conditions and assistance for their various difficulties. The TKF Community Living Program (CLP) awards the needy the ability to live life on their own terms and abide by the responsibilities that rise thereof. TKF plans for the individual through these CLPs, which provide family interaction, extensive services and funding, microfinance, group marriages and similar support.

If you know of people with finance difficulties and those who are unable to support themselves, for instance, your servants, maids and their children, you can enroll them for participation in the CLP. It is a solution in sight for the numerous problems faced by the majority of the slum population and rural immigrants that arrive in droves in the city. Join NGO in India by registering yourself with TKF to support the needy, today!

You can help in various ways in this project and make sure that those living below the poverty line have better access to their basic rights. If you are a working professional, you can ask your company to support TKF’s activities. As an individual, you can also donate funds or help in whichever way you might think possible.

Support NGO Projects

  • Make a difference, join NGO projects in India.
  • Create awareness about these projects.
  • Generate funds and support for NGO projects.
  • Encourage companies to fulfill their CSR across the country by taking up a Healthcare or Community living project.