Online Volunteering India

Everyday we come across a boy working at a tea stall, or our housemaid complaining of an alcoholic husband, or a boy cleaning the windshield of your car at a traffic signal, or a woman begging with a baby in her arms. But either these have become a part of our everyday monotony or else we disregard these issues labeling them as colossal in nature and the capacity of our individual effort infinitesimal.

Whether you are an executive, a student, a homemaker, a businessman, a school, a group of friends, a group of women in kitty party or a group of volunteers, your modest effort can make a vast difference. With every smile that you bring to a face, drop by drop the ocean will be filled. Your humble beginning as a volunteer in India can help the head of a poor family get a job to support his dependants, a boy working at a tea stall go to school, an alcoholic father go to a rehabilitation centre, a widow get some employment opportunity and an orphan get education. TKF makes it possible by supporting virtual volunteering.

Online Volunteering with TKF

TKF welcomes you to join the online volunteering movement in any one of the below roles you believe you can make the best difference:

  • If you know of certain families who require some support you can identify them. If you think you won’t be able to work yourself or all by yourself, we will help you get support. The other volunteers in our database will be glad to offer help.
  • Register and work with the existing NGOs with the help of TKF’s online volunteering website to bring opportunities to the needy families. The Kanchan Foundation (TKF) unites you with quite a number of people, companies, and NGOs who would be happy to offer support to you – so that you can focus on your service and do not have to worry about resources. As a registered volunteer, you can work for the families you have identified or look up the areas from our database that you would like to work for.
  • Support through donations or small specific assistance which you can track right up to the end beneficiary.
  • Coordinate with the corporates for Corporate Social Responsibility activities.

TKF understands the importance of online volunteering in India and is completely online and records all your steps towards making history and making a difference. It records all your efforts over the weeks, months and years on how you actually changed the lives of the families you supported as a volunteer in India. You can share your online record with your family, friends and associates and make them believe “Yes, we can make a difference.”

Online Volunteering India

Virtual Volunteering in free time

  • Participate and volunteer in India. Choose from the wide social service options available.
  • Online volunteering is easy and convenient, so do give it a try.
  • Volunteer from home or work in your free time.
  • Volunteer in India in your preferred welfare activity – educate or create awareness.

Want to Volunteer in India ?