TKF’s goal Sponsoring a child in India is now really easy with TKF, the Indian NGO that seeks to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor. There are so many homeless, orphaned and abandoned children in India, that the number itself is mind-boggling. Close to 17 million children in India are child laborers, off to their first menial jobs even before they can see school.

The numbers are gut-wrenching, and if you can just sponsor a child in India, it would be a great step towards removal of poverty. 1/3rd of the world’s poor exist in India and many of them are children. With the help of The Kanchan Foundation, you can now sponsor a family, a child or an elderly person. 41% of India’s population falls below the poverty line. If you have surplus, and are willing to grow the rest of the nation, then donate to TKF today.

You can sponsor a child by taking care of the educational, medicinal, nutritional needs. You can also donate to help them gain training in vocational subjects so that they can earn a decent livelihood and lead better lives.

Donate in Cash or Kind

You can donate some old books, clothes, shoes, blankets etc on TKF’s website and branches. Donation in any way, by cash or kind is essential for the future growth of many. Your donations can reach any part of India. Also, you can donate to TKF from any part in India.

With TKF, an NGO in Mumbai, you can also donate a skill to some illiterate and exceedingly poor person. You can make sure that your sponsorship provides the necessary vocational training, tailoring, baking etc to a youth who can start out on his own.

If you’re educated and employed, you can donate some time of your profession to the poor. You can give free consultations, free teaching time, free help and guidance in your chosen field.

You can also adopt an entire family, child or senior citizen. This is entirely possible online, and you can monitor your donation and make sure that it reaches the proper place.

You can also sponsor bulk buying and selling of greeting cards made by the poor. To Know more about other NGO projects in India, supported by TKF, please contact us today.

Sponsor a Child, Wipe a Tear!

Any amount of help that you can give is welcome. Whether in cash or kind, all your donations are welcome at TKF, and we make sure that your donation reaches the right place. The situation is alarming, and although India has made huge progress in terms of reduction of poverty, the fact remains that some parts of India are even poorer than their African counterparts.

Everyday, children are abandoned; children are orphaned and have to live ungainly and pathetic lives. This adds to the crime graph of the country. Many such children are exploited and denied their basic rights to education, food and a respectable livelihood. You can help alleviate the abject poverty that certain people are subject to by donating, sponsoring a child or family, or just by donating your old clothes, bags and shoes. It’s not too late; this New Year, pledge to help those who have no access to the basic necessities of life like food, water, a home and education.

If you do not want to sponsor a child now but wish to support the needy then volunteer in India by registering with TKF today.

Different Ways to Sponsor a Child

  • Donate in cash or kind and sponsor a child in India
  • Provide funds for a child’s educational, medicinal and nutritional needs.
  • Volunteer your efforts towards providing a child his/her basic education.
  • Pledge today and sign up for this sponsor a child programme.