There are so many ways to return to mankind. In addition to monetary help there are other ways to do charity and support less privileged. TKF is an NGO in Mumbai which shows you the ways to join this movement of bringing real change in lives of many.

You want to be a part of creating smiles among the less privileged, for many to have a new better future; you can do it just by utilizing some of your spare time for them through TKF. Whether you are a corporate-house, housewife, student or an executive, each one of you can contribute for giving the needy a future, here is how you can do it.

Support Mumbai Based NGO

  • Volunteer by registering and getting others whom you know to register.
  • Upload online the profile of the needy families whom you know.
  • Participate in getting their needs met through TKF who connect with the appropriate NGOs and Company CSR programs.
  • Co-ordinate with NGOs and get help to the needy.
  • Coordinate with companies to channelize their CSR for the needy.

You can help as many families as you want on a continuous basis thereby ensuring that their specific needs are met and they improve overall on a consistent basis.  We always think of giving back to the society, to do something for “Social Service”, but we are never able to channelize our efforts and time in an organized and sustained basis. So energize yourself and use today’s day and age technology which allows you to work through TKF online from your home or workplace. You can regularly update the details of the needy families around you, and we will support you online through the NGO network to enable you to ensure that their needs are met through relevant NGOs with expertise in the field. If you are keen you can also support through your efforts in the field when you can spare the time individually or through your friends and associates.

Volunteer for NGO in Mumbai

  • Register as volunteer for families. Identify and work through TKF to meet their needs on an ongoing basis.
  • Register as volunteer for NGOs and work with TKFs NGO network to help NGOs connect with TKF data of needy families.
  • Register as volunteer for Companies with CSR programs and coordinate CSR activities between needy families and NGOs through TKF data online.
  • If you want to donate money or kinds, you can do here online.
  • If you have time, you can offer your support for specific projects and events on TKF online.
  • If you have neither time nor money, still you can just register and inform us of the needy families, NGOs and Companies that you are aware of who can help others on TKF online to support the families.

Please check out NGO Projects in India supported by TKF. Each individual effort and support that you provide are available online on your own unique registration log-in providing a online updated record on the positive contribution you have made to the many families. You can share this with your friends and associates to motivate and inspire them.